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What Is CrossFit?

“Constantly varied, functional fitness, performed at a high intensity”

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Constantly Varied

Simply put we do a different workout every day. When you come in to Pell City Fitness the workouts have already been planned for you and the variation keeps you engaged and looking forward to your next class!

Functional Movement

How would I move this item in real life? We instruct basic human mechanics. Take the “curl” as an example. No where in life will you ever pick up and move an item the way that people “curl” weight at a standard gym. We use real life movements and functional methods to move weight and improve fitness.

High Intensity

This is where our results come from. Every workout we do is done against a clock. The two variations of workouts we use the most are: How much work can I do in a given time (AMRAP) and how quickly can I perform a certain amount of work (For Time). These measurable results coupled with competions with self and others will take your fitness to a new level! 

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