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Pell City Fitness is Pell City’s Original CrossFit gym and is locally owned and operated. The staff at Pell City Fitness have been involved in the Pell City Community for years. Pell City Fitness is all about safety and keeping our athletes healthy for many years of training. Pell City Fitness is also about family and the tight knit group of athletes who call CFLM home.

Pell City Fitness’ motto is work hard, play hard. We spend the majority of our free time on the lake or at the box. Stop by today to see what we’re all about.

Meet Scott

Scott is the owner and trainer at Pell City Fitness. A career law enforcement officer and Warrant Officer in the Alabama National Guard, Scott has dedicated his adult life to the service of country and community. Scott served as Marine Patrol Trooper for Lake Logan Martin so his dedication to the Logan Martin and Pell City communities is nothing new. Scott grew up on Logan Martin Lake and has lived in the community for a number of years.
Scott started his CrossFit journey in 2012. He was extremely obese and out of shape. Like many others he thought “I’m not in good enough shape for CrossFit.” He was wrong. He was challenged to give it a try and hasn’t turned back. Scott has lost over 90 lbs through his CrossFit journey and maintains his goal of “better tomorrow that I am today.”

Meet our Coaches

Coach Tammy

Tammy had spent all of her school years being active through sports. Upon graduating high school she left her favorite sports behind. She spent six years trying to find a workout regimen that could give her the same outlet sports did. After years of searching a friend invited her to crossfit She knew right away that she would be doing CF the rest of her life.

As a teacher and a sports coach the natural step was to get her crossfit level one.

Tammy loves to talk to people about the other benefits crossfit brings besides weight loss and strength. For Tammy, CF has freed her from anxiety and she would love to tell you more about it!

When Tammy is not the gym she’s probably helping middle school children with math. She also loves to play tennis.

“My favorite part about Crossfit Logan Martin is the people. The people here are my friends in and outside of the gym. It’s the family atmosphere that kept me coming back.” – Coach Tam

Coach Tomi

Excited that a “box” was now local, I joined CrossFit Logan Martin during the grand opening. Immediately I developed a love for this competitive sport. I no longer had to think about what I was doing to work on each day or how long to do each movement. Soaking in everything that Coach Scott thought me, I wanted to further my knowledge in the CrossFit methodology to help others in their fitness journey the way he helped me. In 2018, I earned my CrossFit Level One training certificate and became “Coach Tomi”.

In addition to my love for fitness, I am also a Registered Dental Hygienist here in Pell City. I have a daughter, Mika Rae, that shows an interest in being a cross-fitter. Helping the community is truly a passion of mine so I am living a dream wearing my 3 favorite hats: Mom, Hygienist, Coach!

-Coach Tomi

Coach Scott

Scott earned a B.S. degree in Biology from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL. Now, Scott works for the U.S. Forest Service as a wildland fire fighter. He realized that the typical gym workouts were helpful, but still didn’t prepare him for the typical day of working 16 hours, carrying 40+ pounds of gear while hiking the mountains, and having to cut and move heavy logs to clear a fire line. This led him to find Crossfit in 2014. He practiced on his own at a gym at his office, but it was by hisself most of the time. In 2017, Scott joined Crossfit Logan Martin, fell in love with the group atmosphere, and has never looked back.

Scott took the next step, and earned his Crossfit Level 1 Trainer certificate in June of 2018. He can be found most afternoons at the gym either coaching, working out, or just hanging around.

When he is not at the gym, he can be found coaching his daughter’s little league soccer, on a mountain bike trail, or just sitting on his back porch waiting for the next adventure.

He loves deadlifts and power cleans, but hates most everything else, especially overhead squats.

Coach Nate

Tired of the usual workout regimen, Nate decided to search for something that would push him harder. He then discovered crossfit in June 2013 while living in Illinois. He was instantly hooked to the discipline and challenge the program demanded.

Wanting to help other Cross-Fitters develop, he chose to earn his Level 1 Training Certificate in June 2018.

Nate received his bachelor’s degree in Athletic training from Illinois State University and his master’s degree in exercise physiology from UAB.

When Nate is not too busy working on his form and double unders, he works as a Certified Athletic Trainer for the Jacksonville State University’s Men’s Basketball team. He is married to Rayandra, also a Cross-Fitter, and has two sons Nolan and Owen.

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